Player as a Landing Page

Embedding the player may not be the right solution for everyone, As an alternative, we offer our users a way to host the Duzy player directly on their website. This method allows you to avoid using an iframe, which allows you to bypass CORS issues you may experience, and gives you a bit more control over rendering. Please note that you will need a Duzy Player key for this method of hosting the player.
<script src="" id="_duzyjs" code="geLIAjgZn" 
        key="xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-fe800e07f884" targetId="DIV_GOES_HERE" async defer></script>

A few key notes to consider:

  1. A key is required for this method. Please contact us for more info.
  2. targetId is optional. If a DOM element ID is provided in this attribute, the player will be loaded in that DOM element. If not used, the player will be loaded directly in the body tag.
  3. code is your promotion code.
  4. Your exact script tag will be generated for you after you "Launch" a promotion within the Admin system.